Werner Grand Prix 86 Carbon Small Fit SALE

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Werner Grand Prix 86 Carbon Small Fit SALE

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MSRP Price: $404.00

Our Price: $311.20

Your Savings: $92.80

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Preformance Level:

  • Our Ultimate Performance brings together all of our most advanced designs. Paddles that offer Ultimate Performance have an exceptionally light, buoyant and quiet feel on the water.

Blade Designs:

  • 12 Degree blade to shaft offset is optimal for SUP race. Keeping the blade more vertical through the power phase of the stroke is made possible with the Grand Prix's unique 12 degree offset.
  • Dihedral blade shape was created to direct water to flow evenly off each side of the blade creating a smooth and stable stroke.
  • The volume of our proprietary foam core meets carbon to bring our lightest option of ultimate performance.

Blade Shape:

  • The innovators of the Long Slender Rectangular blade shape. Our blade shape is far and away the most gentle on the body with a softer feel and higher cadence without having to sacrifice blade surface area.

Shaft Features:

  • Bent shaft aligns your wrists in a more ergonomic position to reduce fatigue while grasping the shaft for the confidence of full hand contact. Increase your reach to keep you in the power phase longer.
  • Developed with the right amount of flex, our carbon bent shafts are handcrafted with pride and focus.
  • Our custom fit palm grip is the most comfortable grip on the market today. You will find that you will be able to keep a loose grip, even in the toughest of conditions, while the width of the full palm grip enables more blade control.
  • Whether our straight shaft, or bent, our shafts have a unique feel. Notice the texture, the indexing. Designed to give you more comfort and control and to be able to feel the precision of every one of your strokes.
  • Available on our most popular SUP paddles, ladies can match a Small or Mid-sized blade to small diameter shaft and small sized grip. Proper fit, lighter grip, better technique, eliminate fatigue.
  • For those that like a traditional, simple feel. Our attention to detail in texture, indexing and flex allows for confident control and comfort all day long.
  • Our carbon straight shaft is designed with super light weight strong 100% carbon material.

Straight Shaft Length Range:

  • 50"-86" in one inch increments (87"-90" add $5)

Straight Shaft Weight in ounces:

  • 14.5oz

Bent Shaft Length Range:

  • 73"-85"

Bent Shaft Weight in Ounces:

  • 18.75oz

Blade Surface Area: 86 in sq

Blade Length x Width: 19.25"x7"

MSRP Price: $404.00

Our Price: $311.20

Your Savings: $92.80