Werner Sprite Small Shaft 2PC

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Werner Sprite Small Shaft 2PC

Product code:itemMatrix-2703

Preformance Lever:

  • Standard: For those that take a more casual approach to paddling, we still want you to experience the feel of a Werner Paddle on the water.

Blade Designs:

  • Dihedral blade shape was created to direct water to flow evenly off each side of the blade creating a smooth and stable stroke.
  • Asymmetrical kayak blades are designed for a balanced stroke, reducing torque or twisting of the blade.
  • The combination of fiberglass and nylon are impact and wear resistant at a lower price point.

Shaft Features:

  • For those that like a traditional, simple feel. Our attention to detail in texture, indexing and flex allows for confident control and comfort all day long.

Product Specifications


Blade Surface Area:407 cm2

Blade Length x Width: 47cm x 12.5cm