Bay Area Classes

Kayak Rolling (Richmond Plunge)

 Build your confidence and learn to roll! Rolling is the safest and fastest self rescue technique available for sea kayakers and whitewater paddlers. For expert  instruction from one of our experienced rolling instructors make a reservation.

 Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM; actual duration in the pool is about 1.5 hours.

 Location: Richmond Plunge Municipal Natatorium

 Cost: $60 (Max. 3 students per instructor) Note: Kayak rolling is taught only in whitewater kayaks due to space limitations in the pool. 

 Please call us if you wish to schedule private instruction in a sea kayak for $120 per session.

 Once you have learnt to roll can can come and practice either in your own boat or by renting one from us.
 Practice Sessions: $12 pool fee with own boat

 For kayak rental only, call: (510) 893-7833 to reserve a kayak. $30 whitewater kayak/$40 sea kayak rental (includes pool fee).

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Kayak Basics (Oakland Estuary)

Do you want to learn to paddle but are not sure where to start? The goal of this four hour class will introduce a few basic strokes (forward, reverse and sweeps) that are fundamental to all types of kayaking. You will be learn about different types of kayaks, including Sea and Touring Kayaks, Recreational Kayaks, and Sit-on-Tops. This class focuses on flat water skills and safety for those who want to paddle recreational kayaks!  Further instruction should be pursued later for those who want to paddle touring or sea kayaks in our Beginning Sea Kayaking I class.

This class is equivalent to an American Canoe & Association Level 1 course.

Location: Oakland Estuary Jack, London Square    

Cost: $79 (Minimum Enrollment: 3;) Includes kayak, paddling gear, and a coupon for one hour rental kayak rental!

Note: This class does not qualify participants to rent touring (closed-deck) or sea kayaks; our Beginning Sea Kayak class deals with those specific qualifications.

Time: check scheduled time typicall                                                                                                                                                    

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Beginning Sea Kayaking (Oakland Estuary)

Beginning Sea Kayak

In this class is for those who want to learn how to paddle a sea touring kayak. Our expert instructors teach you a wide range of strokes such as: the Forward and Reverse stroke, Sweep Stroke (adjust your course & turn), Draw Stroke (move the boat sideways) high and low brace which helps prevent you from capsizing. Be prepared to get wet! you will learn how to attach a spray skirt, wet exit from your kayak and learn a PADDLE-FLOAT RESCUE and T-RESCUE:  Both these rescues are essential for paddling closed cockpit kayaks safely on protected waters. You will also learn about tides and currents.Graduates of this class are qualified to rent closed-cockpit touring and sea kayaks and participate in more advanced classes and trips.

The Beginning Sea Kayak I class will give you the invaluable tools needed to practice and refine your strokes and rescues in future practice sessions.

This class is equivalent to an American Canoe & Association Level 2 Course

Location: Oakland Estuary Jack, London Square   

Cost: $129 (Minimum Enrollment: 3;) Includes kayak, paddling gear, wetsuit and a coupon for a one hour future rental!

Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM                                                            

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Sea Kayaking II

Sea Kayaking II (Oakland Estuary)

In this inspiring  class we work extensively on edging and boat lean for ultimate control and maneuverability. We review rescues, introduce basic navigation techniques, fine tune the forward stroke, and learn some new strokes. This class is the stepping stone to the Surf Zone and beyond.

This class is equivalent to an American Canoe & Assocation Level 3 course.

Location: Oakland Estuary Jack, London Square

Cost: $129 (Minimum Enrollment: 3) Includes kayak paddling gear, wetsuit and a coupon for a one hour future rental!

Time 9:00 - 4:00 PM 

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Sea Kayak Rescue Clinic (Oakland Estuary)rescures

In this class you will learn, practice and refine different rescue and re-entry techniques. These techniques are necessary for safe paddling on any body of water where swimming to shore is not an option. You will be getting wet in this class! Participants will learn and review both solo and assisted rescues, the Eskimo rescue and re-entry and roll'. Participants will learn both solo and assisted rescues, starting with the 'T' rescue and the 'Paddlefloat. You can experiment with various options for these rescues to find your 'Go To' method and have fun learning! You are welcome to bring your own kayak to practice with or CCK will provide all the gear.

Location: Oakland Estuary Jack, London Square

Cost: $79.00 (Minimum Enrollment: 3)  includes kayak, paddling gear. You are encourged to bring your own gear to become familiar with it.

Time: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

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Surf Zone for Kayak Anglers (Half Moon Bay)

If you want to fish on the open ocean with a sit on top fishing kayak, this class is a must! This class will focus on how to read the surf, how to handle breaking waves, and how to launch and land in the surf zone safely. Launching and landing, bracing in breaking waves, and understanding wave dynamics are the fundamental bu

ilding blocks for sit on top kayak surfing and paddling in the ocean. Our site is ideal, close to Surfers' Beach at Half Moon Bay.

Location:Mirimar Beach, Half Moon B

Cost $99.00 does not include a kayak. CCK will provide a helmet and wetsuit if you need one. (Minimum Enrollment: 3)
For Sit on Top kayak rental only, call: (510) 893-7833.

Time: 9:00 AM - 1:PM unless stated other wise. 

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SUP Aloha QuickStart (Oakland)sup aloha

By now you've probably seen Stand Up Paddlers, seemingly walking on water! Check out this wonderful new sport! Give Stand Up Paddling a try in our introductory SUP class. SUPing has become incredibly popular in a few short years because it's so fun, easy, and another GREAT way to get on the water and it's good for you too. No previous paddling or surfing experience is necessary. This 3-hour session in the sheltered water of the Oakland Estuary (launching from our dock at Jack London Square) will get you started, and you'll be cruising in style in no time. Our SUP boards are great for novices - great for rentals, too, once you've completed the class.  

This class is equivalent to an American Canoe & Association Level 1 course.

Cost: $79 Minimum Enrollment: 3) includes board , paddling gear  and a coupon for a one hour future SUP rental

Time 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM 

Location: Oakland Estuary Jack, London Square

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Essentials of SUP (Oakland)

NEW! Full day format to maximize learning.

Are you ready to take SUP to the next level?  In this class you will develop the skills needed to paddle effectively in wind, waves and current! We'll review fundamental stroke technique, then get you practicing new moves that will have your board dancing on the water with maneuvers such as: nose rudder, cross-board draw, paddling in the surfer stance, and bracing strokes. As we paddle out into the Oakland Estuary, "blending strokes" becomes more natural while practicing upwind, downwind and cross wind paddling. It's all about moving your board where you want it, and having more fun while doing it!  

This class is equivalent to American Canoe & Association Level 2 course.

Cost: $129 Minimum Enrollment: 3)inlcludes board, paddling gear and a coupon for a one hour future SUP rental

Time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Location: Oakland Estuary Jack, London Square

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SUP Journey Treasure Island to Jack London Squaresup journey

Come join expert SUP instructor Jeff Burton for SUP paddle from Treasure Island to Jack London Square on the Oakland Estuary. Learn about tides, currents, trip planning, communication and safety. Well meet at CCK Oakland store and shuttle to the island. Launching from the north point to enjoy spectacular views of the San Francisco bay. We'll paddle under the Bay Bridge and into the Oakland Estuary with assistance from the flooding tide. This is an excellent first foray into open water paddling on an SUP board, and the perfect prerequisite for more advanced trips in the future!

About your instructor: Jeff Burton is a certified Level 2 SUP Instructor. Jeff has many years of teaching and enjoys all levels from beginning to advanced. His passion is downwinding and can be seen on a windy day in Tomales Bay the S. F Bay or way up the North Coast.

Cost $ 89.00 (Minimum Enrollment: 3) includes board,, paddling gear and shuttle
10% bring own gear it is recommended to bring your own gear to get familiar with your own equipment in more dynamic water

Starting Time 8:30 AM

Location: Oakland Estuary Jack, London Square.

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Surfski Paddling with Epic Expert - Kenny Howell

The surfski is the fastest, most exciting, high performance paddle craft on the water! If you are interested in paddling for fitness, racing, or simply enjoying the thrill of an extremely efficient hull design, then check out a surfski! You can enjoy surfski paddling on calm water, rivers, and open ocean. They are safe (sit-on-top and self-bailing), light (about 30 lbs), and incredibly maneuverable with an under-stern rudder.

We will teach you essential skills such as proper fitting to the boat, body posture, boat handling, remounting the surfki in open water, and use of the wing paddle. This class is conducted primarily in calm water.

Your instructor for this class is Kenny Howell, Regional Marketing Representative for Epic Kayaks

In this introductory session, we provide stable models, the Epic V7, V8 and V10 Sport.

Cost$129.00 Minimum Enrollment: 3 or Private Lessons
10% off with your own ski!

Time: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM 

Location: Pillar Point Harbor (Half Moon Bay)

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