Kayak Fishing Team

CCK Fishing Team

 CCK Fishing Team

California Canoe & Kayak is your premier kayak fishing retailer in Northern California. We have Hobie, Jackson, Wilderness Systems & FeelFree fishing kayaks available to demo and buy. We are represented on the water by a professional team of kayak anglers who love nothing more than to share their passion with our customers.  We are proud that our team members belong to both the Hobie and Jackson fishing teams.

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Ariel Cuna - CCK Fishing Manager/Hobie Fishing Team Member

AKA: SeaFabCustoms
Instagram: @SeaFabCustoms
Favorite kayaks: Hobie Adventure Island & Hobie Pro Angler 14
Ariel has been fishing the ocean waters and bays of California for the past 20 years off a kayak. He discovered his love for fishing and outdoors at the early age of 5. Ariel travels all over California looking for his next fishing adventures. He loves to fish with new people and is excited to introduce people into the sport of kayak fishing. Ariel's favorite species include white seabass, yellowtail, salmon, halibut and white sturgeon. Ariel is a CCK certifies fishing guide and is always ready to take you on your next adventure. 

Jason Tanagon


Jason Tanagon-Hobie Fishing Team Member

AKA – Str8FiSHiN to the team.

Jason started fishing as a teenager and primarily fished from the banks of lakes, reservoirs, and the CA Delta. In 2012, he got into kayak fishing and fell in love with ocean fishing. Most of his kayak fishing experience comes from spending a lot of time on the water and learning from some the best. In addition to chasing big fish, he enjoys clamming, crabbing, and hunting using his Hobie kayak.





Brett Freitas-Hobie Team Member

Bret aka “NoSoupForU” started fishing at a very young age shadowing his father while fly-fishing in Northern California.  Since then, Bret continues to search for his next big fishing adventure.  He started kayak fishing in 2008 but wasn’t hooked until he joined NCKA in 2011 and purchased his first Hobie kayak.  He enjoys fishing salt water from time to time, but his focus has been fresh water after a friend re-introduced him to the local waters he once fished as a kid.  Bret loves catching trophy size trout while being an advocate for catch and release tactics.  His love for the sport has come full circle, as he now enjoys sharing his passion with his own son and others new to the sport.

Nick Chatelain-Hobie Team Member

Nick a Sonoma County local grew up crabbing and fishing in Bodega Bay and local lakes. As he grew older he started to progress with his fishing and started to look for new ways to get out and on the water. Going from a float tube to a Stand-up paddle board to and eventually to a kayak. After buying a Hobie Outback in 2013 he soon found himself on the hunt for new adventures and big fish. He enjoys fishing for Salmon, Halibut, Lingcod, Sturgeon, Striped Bass, Large and Smallmouth Bass, Steelhead, and all species of trout. Also a diver and spear fisherman you will find him somewhere along the California Coast doing what he loves most.


Bee Xiong-Hobie Team Member

Bee has been a local Sacramento fisherman ever since the early 2000’s. From the creeks, ponds, rivers, and lakes, Bee strives to get his personal best on all species. Hearing his reel scream has become an addiction to his regular weekend routine. Like most of the fisherman, Bee started fishing freshwater from the bank. In 2012, he decided to get into the kayak scene to expand his horizon and ever since then he became hooked. In 2015 Bee bought his first Hobie kayak and put his focus more on the salt species. From SoCal to NorCal, Bee has been riding the swells to target salmon, yellowtail, lingcod, rockfish, halibut, and bonitos. As we all know, the more we catch the longer our bucket-list will grow. Follow the CCK Fishing Team to see what Bee will catch next!