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California Canoe & Kayak’s Fishing Team are committed to providing the best possible guided kayak fishing  program for our customers. Maybe you have yet to catch your first trout, or are an experienced angler looking  to try fishing from a kayak; maybe you want to learn to target a new species or perhaps you are new to the area and looking to get on the bite fast! CCK can help!

We offer freshwater and saltwater fishing using Hobie and Jackson and Wilderness Systems fishing kayaks. Each of our expert guides is licensed with the Department of Fish & Game and fully insured. Whether you are looking to fish a Sierra Lake, the American or Sacramento River, the San Joaquin/Sacramento River Delta region or the Northern California coast we have guides that will teach you everything you need to know!
No previous experience is necessary.
We believe that personal instruction is the BEST way to get hooked on kayak fishing. We limit the ratio of guides to participants to ensure you get the very best experience with your safety being our primary concern.

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Guided Kayak Fishing:

SALTWATER: 1 Guide – Up to 3 Participants

FRESHWATER: 1 Guide – Up to 4 Participants

Out standard rates for Guided Kayak Fishing Classes and Trips vary based on location, permits, season, species and range from base as well as kayak and gear needs. Therefore it is impossible to cover all scenarios and every trip’s cost will differ in some way depending on exactly what your needs are.

Please contact us to arrange your next custom kayak fishing adventure!

We feature Kayaks from Hobie, Jackson and Wilderness Systems. Fishing rod and tackle are also available. You are always welcome to bring your own boat and gear. All private guided kayak fishing trip prices based on individual needs:

1 Student/Client: $200 – $360 Per Person
2 Students/Clients: $180 – $299 Per Person
3 Students/Clients $160 – $260 Per Person

To discuss details and make a reservation contact:


Hobie First Cast

 Hobie First Cast is a program designed for people new to kayak fishing. You learn the basics of kayak fishing from our kayak fishing team and test drive the patented hands-free Hobie Mirage Drive pedal system with a fishing rod in your hand.  CCK is introuducing a series of Hobie First Cast Events from the the Bay Area, North Coast and  Sierra Mountains.  The cost is $150.00 which includes hobie mirage kayak, mirage drive pfd, paddle, wetuit and paddling jacket.  If you need fishing gear this will be an extra $30.00

Hobie First Cast:






  • In Stock Hobie Mirage Kayaks






CCK Fishing Team

 CCK Fishing Team

California Canoe & Kayak is your premier kayak fishing retailer in Northern California. We have Hobie, Jackson, Wilderness Systems & FeelFree fishing kayaks available to demo and buy. We are represented on the water by a really professional team of kayak anglers who love nothing more than to share their passion with our customers.

See what the team are up to and to ‘Ask a Pro’ check out our Fishing Team Facebook page like-button-2015-06

Stand by for details of our Guided Fishing Program…


James Pratt - Team Manager

James Pratt - Team Manager

James is a hardcore kayak angler who has been fishing for as long as he can remember. He got into kayak fishing in 2012 and quickly became addicted to the sport joining the CCK Fishing Team in early 2014. He spends a lot of time fishing local lakes, but loves getting over to the coast, and out on the salt more than anything. Besides kayak angling you can often find him diving off his kayak somewhere along the coast spear fishing or getting some tasty abalone. James says, “Let’s go fishing!”


John Keane

John Keane

John grew-up fishing the waters around San Francisco Bay and has been kayak fishing both freshwater and saltwater across Northern California since 2005.  He is a member of the Hobie and CCK fishing teams, and a member of NorCal Kayak Anglers. His favorite fishing pursuits are king salmon, California halibut and white sea bass in the Pacific Ocean, and trout and bass in the foothill and mountain lakes of the Sierra Nevada and Inner Coast Range.  Professionally, John is a research wildlife scientist with the USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station in Davis, CA, where he studies the relationships of raptors/birds of prey to wildfire and forest management in the Sierra Nevada. John has over 30 years of teaching and training experience in a variety of arenas and enjoys getting folks on the water in kayaks and sharing fishing information and experiences.


Jason Tanagon

Jason Tanagon

AKA – Str8FiSHiN to the team.

Jason started fishing as a teenager and primarily fished from the banks of lakes, reservoirs, and the CA Delta. In 2012, he got into kayak fishing and fell in love with ocean fishing. Most of his kayak fishing experience comes from spending a lot of time on the water and learning from some the best. In addition to chasing big fish, he enjoys clamming, crabbing, and hunting using his Hobie kayak.


Jim Meier

Jim Meier

Jim Meier has been in small watercraft since a young child in the hills of Missouri.  Having moved to California in 2000 he quickly transitioned from his trusty canoe to a kayak and found it n even better fit as a platform for chasing fish.  Moving to the sit-on-top kayaks in 2005 he upped the ante and began fishing California coastal waters as well as the rivers and lakes.  These days Jim can be found on the water within 5 hours of Sacramento most weekends and frequently in the evenings as well.  Favorite species to chase include: wet fish, slimy fish, tasty fish and the occasional tree fish.  As an ambassador of kayak fishing Jim has lost count of the men and women whose lives he has changed by sharing his love and freedom he experiences of being on the water in a small craft chasing fish and soaking in the peace around us.


William Pfingst

William Pfingst

As a native of Sacramento, Will has been trout and bass bank fishing since he was a teenager. Stepping up his kayak angling this year and participating in his first kayak tournaments, he was able to qualify for the kayak bass fishing finals in Paris, Tennessee. RipnLips916 is the nickname he goes by on the Northern California Kayak Anglers (NCKA) forum. Will fishes as much as work allows. He fishes from the American, Sacramento and Delta waterways. He looks forward to getting into salt water fishing from his Jackson Kayak in the near future. Not only an avid kayak angler, he is a steward of his waterways and started the Sacramento River Clean Up.

Kayak Fishing Classes


Kayak Fishing Safety & Rescue (Half Moon Bay)

If you want to catch fish on the ocean and be safe doing so, you first need to learn some basic skills including a few basic paddle strokes, self and assisted rescues. This could be the most important class you'll ever take! Learn how to, paddle efficiently, and how to sort yourself or a buddy out in the event of a capsize. We'll discuss how to carry your fishing gear safely, sea conditions and risk assessment and what to do in the event of an emergency. This class is suitable for paddle or pedal driven fishing kayaks.

You are encouraged to bring your own kayak and equipment if you have it because it will be more familiar to you and will aid in learning.

Cost: $89.00 (Minimum Enrollment: 3; Maximum Enrollment: 10 - with 2 instructors)
This does not include a kayak. If you need a kayak please call 510-893-7833 for a kayak rental at a discounted price. If you need a wetsuit, or paddling jacket CCK will provide one.

Duration of class: 9:00 AM - 1 PM 
Time on the water: Approximately 4 hours

Location: Pillar Point Harbor (Half Moon Bay)

Prerequisite: No previous experience is required just the desire to paddle! The minimum age for the Kayak Fishing Safety & Rescue class is 14 years; children under 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Sit-On-Top Kayak Rescue Clinic

In this class you will learn, practice and refine different rescue and re-entry techniques for Sit-On Top and Sit-Inside kayaks. These techniques are necessary for safe paddling on any body of water where swimming to shore is not an option. You will be getting wet in this class! Participants will learn and review both solo and assisted rescues'. You can experiment with various options for these rescues to find your 'Go To' method and have fun learning! You are welcome to bring your own kayak to practice with.

Cost: $79 (Minimum Enrollment: 3; Maximum Enrollment: 10 - with 2 instructors)*

Duration of class: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Time on the water: Approximately 3 hours

Location: Willow Creek Access, Lake Natoma (Sacramento)

Prerequisite: L1 Kayak QuickStart class or the desire to paddle!. The minimum age for this class is 14 years; children under 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Surf Zone for Kayak Anglers

If you want to fish on the open ocean with a sit on top fishing kayak, this class is a must! This class will focus on how to read the surf, how to handle breaking waves, and how to launch and land in the surf zone safely. Launching and landing, bracing in breaking waves, and understanding wave dynamics are the fundamental building blocks for sit on top kayak surfing and paddling in the ocean. Our site is ideal, close to Surfers' Beach at Half Moon Bay.

Cost $99.00 does not include a kayak. CCK will provide a helmet and wetsuit if you need one. (Minimum Enrollment: 3; Maximum Enrollment: 10 - with 2 instructors)*
For Sit on Top kayak rental only, call: (510) 893-7833.

Duration of class: 9:00 AM - 1:PM unless stated other wise.
Time on the water: Approximately 3 hours

Location: Miramar Beach (Half Moon Bay)
Click Here for Directions:Mirimar Beach, Half Moon Bay

Prerequisite: Sit on Top Kayak, immersion gear, pfd, helmets (if you do not have a helmet one CCK will provide one. You must wear a helmet in this class to attend) The minimum age for the class is 14 years; children under 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.