Guided Kayak Fishing

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Guided Kayak Fishing:

SALTWATER: 1 Guide – Up to 3 Participants

FRESHWATER: 1 Guide – Up to 4 Participants

Out standard rates for Guided Kayak Fishing Classes and Trips vary based on location, permits, season, species and range from base as well as kayak and gear needs. Therefore it is impossible to cover all scenarios and every trip’s cost will differ in some way depending on exactly what your needs are.

Please contact us to arrange your next custom kayak fishing adventure!

We feature Kayaks from Hobie, Jackson and Wilderness Systems. Fishing rod and tackle are also available. You are always welcome to bring your own boat and gear. All private guided kayak fishing trip prices based on individual needs:

1 Student/Client: $200 – $360 Per Person
2 Students/Clients: $180 – $299 Per Person
3 Students/Clients $160 – $260 Per Person

To discuss details and make a reservation contact: