Gear Only Rentals

Separate Gear Rental Rates

Description 1st Day  2nd Day  Add’l Days 
Drysuit* $35 $35 $35
Wetsuit $15 $10 $5
PFD (life jacket) $15 $5 $3
Sprayskirt $15 $5 $3
Helmet $15 $5 $3
Paddling Jacket $15 $5 $3
Kayak, Canoe, SUP Paddles  $15 $5 $3

DRYSUIT Rental Policies

Stohlquist Elvis Drysuits available in All sizes Available at the Oakland, Rancho Cordova, and Outpost in Lotus. 

24 hour rental for one day pick-up and drop-off.

What you need to know as the customer:

  • Thoroughly inspect suit before leaving the store.
  • When not using the suit make sure that all zippers are open.
  • Do not walk on the socks of the suit without shoes or sandals on.
  • Do not cut the neck gasket or wrist gaskets.
  • Make sure that all zippers are fully closed and parked before getting into the boat.
  • Ask about wearing the proper thermal layer under the suit for optimal performance.
  • Suit must be rinsed and clean upon return.  Do not use detergent when cleaning, just water.
  • You are responsible for leaving a $500 deposit, same with all other rentals, for the suit.
  • If you cut or alter the gaskets, you will be responsible for replacement.
  • A refund of the full rental will be applied to the purchase of a new drysuit for up to one week only after suit is returned.