Hobie First Cast Event

Hobie First Cast Event

Hobie First Cast Event

All I can say is that it was an awesome day with the 7 clients who made it out to join the CCK Fishing Team for our first Hobie First Cast Event.


We met up with our clients at 6am  and got through all the admin stuff, fitted wetsuits, got the kayaks down to the water, gave an overview of the day's event, and went through a safety briefing before heading out.

889We got the on the water just after 7am and headed out of the harbor.

896Jason took the lead and got us out to the reef we were planning to target that day.




With the unfortunate closure of the crab season it made getting out of the harbor much safer due to the lack of power boat traffic. Once outside the harbor the sea conditions were flat calm with a slight breeze.


As we got to the reef we were marking bait balls on our fish finders everywhere but not much fish. The bite was very slow to start the day with a few fish being hooked up here and there. I got a ling in the yak and threw him on the hog trough to find he was a 1/2" too short to keep so back he went. As the guides moved around with their clients trying to find a hot bite a few more fish were picked up but the bite remained slow.


While out on the water we got a chance to practice our rescue techniques as we had a couple clients get their head off the center and roll their kayaks. I was very impressed with how the guides responded and handled these situations. The clients kept calm and efficiently got back onto their kayaks and fishing again.

Around 11 am 'ish I finally found a school of rockfish willing to play so I called in the rest of the group to try and get some hook ups. We had several fish landed and more lost. Time was short as we were planning to head back in around 11:30. But we made the most of the time we had and put some of the clients on some decent fish to take home for the table.


We got back to the landing and got busy cleaning our clients fish and cleaning up the gear.



From all the comments I had heard our clients were very pleased with their experience and will be getting into kayak fishing in the near future.

I want to thank our clients for being apart of our 1st Hobie First Cast Event and our Guides for delivering a professional, safe, & memorable experience to our clients.

James Pratt, CCK Kayak Fishing Team Manager

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